New: Nutriplenish Line!

What is Nutriplenish?

Nutriplenish is Aveda’s newest product line made especially for hydrating hair. This line features a light shampoo, light conditioner, deep shampoo, deep conditioner, multi-use oil, and a leave-in conditioner spray. Nutriplenish is a hydrating, replenishing collection formulated with super foods for lush, visibly healthy, manageable hair. This line features organic pomegranate oil, mango butter, and coconut oil. What makes these ingredients so great? Pomegranate oil helps hydrate and revitalize dry, depleted hair. Mango butter helps nourish and smooth dry hair. Coconut oil locks in moisture for hydration and softness. You can’t go wrong!


Which Nutriplenish is right for you?

Light Moisture offers fast absorbing oils for those that want a lighter formula. Deep Moisture gives hair, specifically hair in need of detangling, the rich, buttery moisture it craves. Which nutriplenish is right for you? The choice is yours!


What else does Nutriplenish have to offer?

-94% naturally derived

-luscious aroma with cocoa, certified organic cardamom and ginger

-vegan & cruelty free

-NEVER tested on animals

-manufactured with 100% wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets


What makes Nutriplenish different from other aveda hydrating formulas?

Aveda has a lot of great options for shampoo and conditioner. There’s a set for all types of hair concerns! We understand it can get confusing with other lines-so we’ll break it down for you! If you feel like your hair needs moisture and hydration there are four different options for you. Our lightest shampoo and conditioner for hydration would be aveda’s sap moss. Sap moss is a weightless product that detangles gently. If you feel your hair needs a little more than what sap moss offers, nutriplenish light is for you! If you have more course, textured hair nutriplenish deep is a step up from the light formula. Last but not least, if you hair is very dry and brittle and needs intense moisture, aveda’s dry remedy line will be your best bet. We hope this helps break down our best option for dry hair!

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